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Beyond and Above Space

Game of cat and mouse
Game of ages and beyond
Beyond multitudes
Beyond comprehension
Comprehension of twisted lies
Comprehension of survival
Survival of the fittest
Survival of the smartest
Smartest in the beginning
Smartest in the end
End is the beginning
End of the senses
Senses clouded
Senses compromised
Compromised history
Compromised truth
Truth never lies
Truth won’t be hidden
Hidden beneath the starry sky
Hidden under the ground
Ground to the satellite
Ground to the silvery night
Night descends very fast
Night awakens all the forgotten
Forgotten memories unleashed
Forgotten histories rewritten
Rewritten to the infinite
Rewritten for beautiful eyes
Eyes see everything
Eyes are windows to the soul
Soul searches
Soul remembers
Remembers solid truth
Remembers how to survive
Survive in a swarm of lies
Survive in a field of mice
Mice never give up
Mice never forget
Forget what you’ve been told
Forget what you’ve heard
Heard tales do no justice
Heard lies forever
Forever knows no truth
Forever is relative
Relative time
Relative space
Space is infinite
Space is final

#Blitz Poem

Linked to W3 Prompt #29 – Blitz Poem

(Image from Pexels)


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